Mendip Farmers Cross-Country Ride

10.45 am, Saturday 8th March
Ridge Lane, West Harptree

Please see events page for details

Welcome to the Mendip Farmers' Hunt

Our hunt country is well over 80% grass with something for everyone, from wide open days on the flat Somerset levels to our famous stone wall country on the Mendip Hills.

We meet every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the season, and are very pleased to see visitors. To come out with us please contact our Honorary Hunt Secretaries, who you will find on the 'contact us' page. They can provide details about Meets, how to hire a horse for the day, or any other friendly advice you might need.

Message from The Masters

To all Subscribers and Followers of the Mendip Farmers Hunt, regarding the closure of the 2013/14 hunting season:

Dear Subscribers and Followers,

To enable everybody to make plans for the remainder of the season, we feel it is important to give you all the full picture of what is happening regarding our hunting.
In February the committee took the decision to suspend hunting indefinitely, due to the extreme weather conditions. As Masters, we would now very much like to resume hunting.
To that end we have spent a great deal of time visiting local farmers and landowners to consult them about what land we may or may not be able to cross. Unfortunately most of the farmers have the view that once hunting has been suspended; there is no reason to start again. One farmer said, Now we have stopped, we should stay stopped.
Since many of those on the committee who took the original decision to stop hunting are farmers themselves, we feel we cannot ignore the wishes of our farmers. It would certainly be absolutely wrong to hunt over the land of farmers who are not on the committee and at the same time avoid the farms of those who are committee members.
As you all know, much of the Mendip country on the Levels is still under water. As a result there is a greater number of sheep being grazed on the uplands, thus having an impact on the whole of our country. At a time when hunting generally is under the spotlight, it would show great insensitivity to hunt these affected areas.
For these reasons and with the greatest regret, your Masters have been forced to take the sad decision to cancel the remainder of this seasons card. As you can imagine, Richard is particularly upset about this as he was very keen in this, his last season at Mendip, to continue to show you all the excellent sport he has done for the last eleven years, right to the end of the season.
We know you will all be disappointed and nobody is more so than we are but we hope you will understand the situation and be sympathetic to the difficulties inflicted on us all by weather, which has not been known in 200 years, and which has affected hunts all over the county.
With sincere thanks for your support and co-operation and best wishes for next seasons hunting,

The Masters,

Helena Rees-Mogg
Jan Menzies
Jonnie Reynolds
Richard Standing

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